Our Services

Our Mission

To make sure your AC produces clean and fresh cool air after every service done by our well trained and skilled technician

Normal service/General service

To enjoy the freshest and cleanest air to breathe, there is a minimum requirement for all the AC users to provide general service for their system. This is because whenever the AC system starts working, the air in the room will start circulating through the cooling coil and the dirt will be trapped in the filter, cooling coil, blower wheel and blade. To prevent unpleasant odors or AC water leak and “uncool” problems and at the same time prolonging the life span of the equipment and energy saving purpose, book with us NOW!


Chemical overhaul/comprehensive service

To take care of our “Loved ones” by pampering them with clean & fresh cool air, it is time for you to “book a chemical overhaul” for your long working AC system. In order to maximize the cleaning effects, please see what we will do for your AC system.


Yearly contract service/preventive service

We do believed that only when we really take care of the cleanliness of our AC system and lubricate its moving components/parts regularly, then definitely it will reward you with freshest cool air and minimized AC problem like water leak or uncoolness. so act now to “Book yearly contract service” with us!


AC checking and repairs

To recover the freshest cool air supply at every breakdown within the shortest time for our clients, we provide air conditioner checking and repair services for all air/water cooled AC brands and types for either residential or commercial clients.