Service 2

Chemical  overhaul/comprehensive service: To take care of our “Loved ones” by pampering them with clean & fresh cool air, it is time for you to “book a chemical overhaul” for your long working AC system. In order to maximize the cleaning effects, please see what we will do for your AC system.

  1. Dismantle the fan coil unit from either wall or ceiling with proper pump down refrigerant gas into the condensing unit.
  2. To dismantle and clean thoroughly all the washable part with detergent as these parts may affected system itself running and working performance.
  3. To flush the evaporate coil with water and then apply alkaline chemical on it to create chemical reaction to cause a forming process which can extract dirt trapped deep inside the cooling coil that cause the blockage of air flow , after that flushed thoroughly again with water till all residual chemical solution fully clear from the cooling coil.
  4. Assemble back all cleaned parts , secure the flare joint & wiring connection.
  5. Clean and clear the condensate water pipe line via vacuuming or flushing.
  6. Vacuum the system with vacuum pump to extract out air & foreign materials in the system.

Test & commissioning the AC system and charging in the gas to their correct operating pressure and running ampere.