Service 4

Repairing: what do we aim at?

To recover the freshest cool air supply at every breakdown within the shortest time for our clients.

We provide air conditioner checking and repair services for all air/water cooled  AC brands and types for either residential or commercial clients.

Singapore is situated near the equator and has a typically tropical climate and high humidity all year around. Recently Singapore and many other places around the world have hit the highest temperature records. Warming temperature and the climate are so unbearable particularly in the afternoon when solar heat is the strongest, so we understand that how important the cool air supply is for everyone. No more tolerance with hot room temperature, book an AC repair now!

Re : *  S$30 +7%GST  transport charge only  &  diagnosis and checking …”Free”

*After every troubleshooting of faults in customers ac system  a service report that indicate the faults found & further repairs work recommended will be submitted to client. A repair quotation will be given by our attending technician or followed up by fax or email by office admin to assist our clients to find out the fastest and most economic solution for their AC.